Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm in Heaven...Quilt Heaven!

I know, I know I said I was only blogging 3 days a week through the month of May but this news just couldn't keep till Monday!!!  Just to let you know I may not stick to my 3 days a week all the time because as the muse moves me I must write!!!

I couldn't stand the idea of not having anything arriving by mail.  What would the postmaster think...that no one loves me.  But I just couldn't sign up for another big block of the month for 2 reasons...I am sooooo far behind on the ones I have and no wall space for big what is a quilt girl to do????

Girlfriend to the rescue, Anne.  She sent me the latest from Temecula Quilt Co...a applique BOW.  It filled my well on so many levels, a little bit of love each week in my mail box, applique, Dresden and it finishes at 40 x 40...which is just perfect.  Every week during the summer you receive 2 four inch blocks, 1 dresden and 1 applique.  They are set as shown below...and the kicker...if you pay for the whole summer up front, you get the backing!!!!  Anyone want to join me, we can encourage each other by sending me photos of completed blocks and I'll post them on the blog!

life is sweet!