Monday, May 6, 2013

I Need A Personal Trainer...for Quilting!!!

I was on a mission to complete my BJ's BOM for the May meeting on Saturday.  So...Friday I pieced, ripped out and pieced again till I had 2 strips made like the photo below.  That was the required block for May.  If you don't have it done you have to pay $5 for the next months...otherwise it is free.  Little did I know that this past month and a half my quilting muscles have gotten weak.  You know what I am talking about!  Sure my other muscles have increased in strength with all the packing, lifting moving...but the quilting muscles are these little muscles that are between you ribs in your back, including you neck and the muscles that run from your neck to your shoulder  blades!!!  A day of piecing and I definitely realized that I need a personal quilt trainer to keep in tip top quilt shape!!!  

HH and I got my Jackie Basket's hung and they look great in the stairwell leading up to the Command Center.

I had to share a photo of Robin with her Bugsy.  I am going to miss riding together...but it was fun seeing her scooter outside BJ's with the spectacular bag made out of lady bug fabric she got in France!

Hope you enjoy the slide show of the BJ's BOM morning.  I have had a wonderful 24 hours in the company of my eldest son.  I have the most wonderful DIL...she was ok with him coming over the mountain by himself for a quick visit with the parental units.  It does fill a mother's soul to sometimes just spend time with her child.  Today I will be working with Juan on my back landscape blocks...another project that will be done.

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