Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chicago + Give Away!

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Chicago with my sister.  We decided to go visit my son and his wife but, when my sis made the reservations neither of us had a clue we were booking on Memorial Day weekend...LOL.  

View from our hotel room

my youngest son, myself and his wife

View from the 96th floor of the Hancock Building, Yikes!  The funny thing is the tallest building is only about 1/3 the elevation that my house is...

my sister, my DIL and son on the architectural boat tour on the Chicago River 

Downtown Chicago from the boat tour.  The architectural boat tour was interesting, melding of the old and new.  There are beautiful parks and public art everywhere but this quilter could never live here.  A city of 2.6 million and the driving is like Mad Max and the Thunderdome!  And, I realized how lucky I am to have so many wonderful quilt shops in such a small area...here, you really have to plan if you want to find one. 

Although I spent a good 10+ hours in airports....flying is no longer a fun experience...I did find the public toilet of my dreams in the Chicago airport!  I hadn't seen one of these since my trip to the Asian countries.  Automatic seat covers!!!  Way cool!

We are on the count down for the Give Away!  Just click on the link, be a registered follower and by Friday you may be the owner of this wonderful wool kit donated my Lisa of Primitive Gathering!