Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Dogs Are Tired

HH and I are not the only ones who are pooped.

This blog is being written by Enzo...Learning to walk slowly while traversing a wood floor that feels like an ice skating ring...well it is exhausting! I was meant to run and now I walk like I am twice my age. Anna keeps saying, "slowly, slowly". And now I have added a new word to my extensive vocabulary...sloooowly!

Yesterday the peoples were moving a little slow themselves and although they stopped barking at each other they are groaning a lot in pain. And it seemed no ones brain was functioning very well. I am a little PO'd that they have placed my bowls across the wood floor...forcing me to walk on it to get sustenance. And...they forgot my bells at the other place so I have no way of letting them know I need to go out and piddle except to try to mind meld (like Spock) with Anna who's brain is mush.

I wish everyone could just get back to the regular schedule...I miss my quilt girls and I am a little worried that I am being replaced by that Prince Harry!

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