Tuesday, April 16, 2013


During challenging times it is important to not succumb to the dark side.  I was actually in a sporting goods store with HH when we both looked up at the bank of TV's to see the horrific event in Boston.  So incredibly sad.  Every participant and spectator, life was changed in a matter of a few seconds.  I remember the training, anticipation, total commitment and joy in running the Portland Marathon.  Never did I even give a moments thought to the chance that someone would take that dream away.  We as a collective heart must push the power of love to those around us...which will then be passed to those in that circle...and maybe the good will prevail over evil.

Yesterday we woke up to this!

Which resulted in a whole bunch of snow.

But being Central Oregonians we pushed forward and headed out the door on a series of errands.  We found a table and chairs for my sewing room...yeah, girlfriend space!  packed a couple more boxes at the old house and guess what...I sat at my sewing machine and actually worked on my April UFO!