Thursday, April 4, 2013

Masterpiece Drama

Although there is no quilting going on right now and I am not starting anything new...I still have a burning desire to stitch.  Something simple, easy to pick up and put down at a moments notice.  Thus I have finished stitching my Redwork sewing machine by taking a few stitches every evening while resting my aching back.

So you ask where is the drama???  Well, you know I am the Transfer Eze Queen...which means whenever I am done with a piece I have to rinse it well in cold water.  Guess what happened?!!!  The red Aurafil thread in massive blood loss all over my white background!!!  Yikes!!!  After all that work, to have it bleed to death!!! NOOOOOOO!  Someone call Quilt 911!

Here is the tip: should you wish to take this mission, write the tip down, secure it to memory and then eat the paper you wrote it on!!!  As soon as I saw the bleeding which was about an hour after I rinsed it I immediately threw it into a tub of water...enough to cover the piece.  Then I threw in 3!!! dye magnet sheets and left it over night.  I couldn't believe bleeding!!!  Then I rolled it up, rung it out and immediately dried it with a blow drier before it could bleed again!!!  Pheww!  I loved this piece and am so happy I was able to save it's life!

Back to packing, moving and trying to be many little things happen in a move.  The fridge is dripping water, the clothes dryer electrical outlet won't work...ahhh, you gotta love new construction! lol  If it wasn't for HH I would be pulling my hair out.  HH reminded me that Enzo gets anxious when I start screaming, lol.