Monday, April 15, 2013

HH's Command Center

Yesterday was set aside to work on HH's Command Center ~ the garage!  A friend with experience in these matters came over, directed and worked on the project with HH.  It turned out amazing.  Looks like an ice skating rink!  It will take 3 days to totally dry before he can move his worktable in place.

Once the job was done we celebrated Jim's birthday with some Mexican food, margaritas and a Red Velvet Cake that Robin brought over!  

Before HH started his project he hung up my quilt top rack!  This is a rack built by my Honey Do, Terry.  I only hang quilt tops that need to be quilted on this rack...can you believe how many tops I need to quilt!!!!

I have been on a little emotional roller coaster as I unpack and it was nice to have the encouragement of know, girlfriends just get you.  I was so excited to get a photo of the Primitive Gatherings BOM done by one of the Fabric Stalker.  She walks to a different drummer and decided she wanted to use her own fabric and created a quilt that is truly a "one of a kind!"

...and I set up my sewing machine!!!!!!!!!!!