Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Quilt & An Announcement

As you know this packing and moving thing is continuing in-nauseam and we can't wait until we are done.  We are settling in but there are boxes all over the place and we still are not totally out of the other place.  I am missing the Shop Hop which is such a bummer because I am not helping the quilting economy!  LOL.  And so I am calling, UNCLE!!! I have decided I will be blogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting next week and the month of May.   Hopefully I will be able to wrap this move up and REALLY start sewing! lol

I wanted to share a quilt with you that was re-discovered in the packing phase.  I know a lot of you are just like me...sometimes you make a quilt because you love the pattern, sometimes because the fabric speaks to you...and sometimes it is because you need to heal something in your heart.  This quilt is such a quilt.  I remember the emotion behind this quilt as if it was yesterday.  Just so you have not doubt...I loved my mom...with that said, our relationship was one of the most challenging of my life.  During a particularly difficult period I made this crazy patch quilt.  It is funny that I chose a crazy patch! lol...once the top was done I embroidered words and sayings that I wished my mother would say about me...words that I longed to hear.  While constructing this quilt I felt the healing happen...sometimes a quilt can change a life.

Maybe you need a healing quilt in your life...I can promise you the process is eye opening...because what I learned is the voice your heart needs to hear is your own.

The Woolie will be talkin' on Monday...see you then!