Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wine & Quilts?

What the heck...a fabric order that requires a signature of someone over 21 years of age???  

...then I figured out that it wasn't fabric at all but, wine! lol  Turns out I ordered wine from the Parsonage Winery which is owned by Mary Ellen and her husband.  She was the assistant tour guide on the trip to France for the L'Europa Quilt Show.  As often happens on long trips, you get to know your fellow travelers and Mary Ellen shared her knowledge of wine.  I ordered the wine back in Oct. 2012 but through a slip up I didn't get the shipment till this week.

The reserve wine labels are prints of quilts actually made by Mary Ellen!!!  Isn't that have your quilts used on wine labels!  I hear that the tasting room in Carmel Valley has a display of her quilts and someday I plan on making a trip down to see for myself.  I almost hate to recycle this bottle! LOL