Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Quilter's Junk Drawer

I am really down to the nits and grits of the sewing room.  Sorting through the drawers that hold all kinds of items.  I started lining up some tools that I found in one drawer.  If you have ever worked in Labor and Delivery or Surgery you might recognize some of these "time" became more of a commodity than tools, hospitals started using disposable tools rather than autoclaving them.  They are still made of strong materials and before it was decided to recycle them to medical relief I couldn't bare to throw them away.  They are really handy for a variety of quilting needs.

Notice the black leather case at the bottom of the photo...I am not sure why I would need pepper spray in my sewing room?  Of course, at some point I must have felt a need to protect my stash as if all these sharp objects...some of which were used in circumcisions weren't enough to scare any fabric burglar away!