Friday, March 8, 2013

So Pooped

There are some things I just don't want to give twice a week 2 hours of water exercise...but, oh am I pooped following the class.  I can't use it as an excuse because I don't have time to slow down! lol  The house is looking great and the property had been graded which meant...HH and I met with the landscaper which was a totally fun time...especially, because the landscaper and his wife were so nice and so much fun.  Besides, Enzo liked them both!  Because we have a "homeowners association" we are required to submit a landscape plan...all I know is I like dirt, plants, flowers, trees and I have never had to have a plan anything???? ROFLOL...I fear the neighborhood is going to wonder who are those people that moved in???

I did get some boxes packed and found a couple more patterns for a Give Away...I'll have to figure out when I want to do that!  I have been working on my Kathy Schmitz BOM from Sew Many Quilts...and I am very content...for today...about the process of purging, lol.