Friday, March 29, 2013

Celebrate My Friends...Come On...

The house is officially ours!  But, there are still a few things to be done...some shelving to be installed, some window tweaking and a light fixture that needs to be hung...but, it is officially ours!!!  I had lavender planted along the front walk way...why you ask?  Cause I need it for future pinkeeps!!!

I love the new walkway and am soooo glad HH and I didn't attempt to lay this pathway, there was a whole lot to laying a walkway.

Now that I have some lilac's and other plants budding at the new homestead the landscaper said I better get some deer spray so they won't eat the new buds.  So off to the feed store I went!  Lo and behold the chicks were in...aren't the feathers on this one beautiful.

Robin has a new chicken coop at her house and I am going to have a chicken boarding with her.  I want one of these black ones!  you ask why the black ones?  Because the gal at the feed store said when they grow up they are an iridescent blue!!!  And, lay one egg a day!

Today is filled with numerous tasks, first changing out my studded tires.  I'll drop the car off at the Les Schwab in Sisters and walk to house where the window coverings will be hung.  While the window coverings go up I will be sealing the grout leaving HH to forge ahead on packing up the garage!

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