Friday, March 1, 2013

Celebrate Come On...!!!!

So many things to celebrate!!!

First to announce the WINNER of the Give Away...Happy Valley Primitives! who said, "I really love Kathy's patterns, and this one is so beautiful!"

Yesterday's Blog made me ROFLOL...all those Quilt Seizures going on around Woolie land!  I got so many requests about the patterns that I hunted the links down and here they are...sigh...aren't they just beautiful...I can't wait till I can really sit down in my sewing room and say, "Hummm, I feel like starting that project...or this project...or that one over there!!!" In the meantime, can one of you start these projects...

Primitive Pieces by Lynda called the Gathering Baskets
Renee of Needl' Love  called Basket Time Tablerunner

Today is the first day of HH's Independence Day!  This man has worked for over 40 years and he is ready for some free time!!!  I told him he could take 4 days off but starting Tuesday he is back to work as an employee of a company of 2! :) 

To commemorate this event I finished my latest wool project!  I love how it turned out and that I set a goal to get it done by 4th of July...and look at me all smug...the pattern is by Threads That Bind.

Today I have got to get my 1st Saturday blocks done for BJ's 1st Saturday about you...what are you up to this fine Friday?