Monday, March 11, 2013


I started to whine a little as I was packing up our bookcase and my back was aching...and it took me all afternoon for one bookcase, geez.  But HH was having none of it!!!  The conversation went like this...

Me: "(throwing my hair back for dramatic effect) OMG!!!  We only have about 3 weeks to pack this house up and it has taken me all afternoon to pack the bookcase!!!"

HH: (throwing his hands up for dramatic effet) Don't start that...if you start believing we won't get it done...we won't!  It's gonna get done...and, are you looking at all the books before you put them in the box?"

Me: "Well, I have to see if there is anything between the pages...and I have to decide which ones we are taking...(dropping my head down and looking upward through my eyelashes...bat, bat, bat)

HH: "Don't lift those boxes, they are too heavy for you."

....a thought bubble above my head...I really like this guy and he believes we will get it done...sigh...

A perk to the book packing day was seeing this photo of my grandson's...what a hoot they are!