Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Steps Forward

Yesterday, I was running around finishing some errands so I could make time for my Material Girls...it seems like I never get anything done but one of the Material Girls reminded me of the things I do get done and ya know...she is right!  If you looked at the house you would think a whack job lives here but in fact it is a controlled chaos and once moved I plan on being organized from top to bottom.  Have any of you turned into a neatnic after years of chaos   

I am on my last bit of binding of my March UFO.  I have told you this story before but I'm telling it again...years ago when the Material Girls was a much smaller group one of our members passed away.  She left her sewing room to the group and without boring you with the process we divided up her stash, kits and general stuff from her sewing room.  One of the projects I ended up with was a Fons and Porter BOM that she bought but never made.  The only problem is we could never find one of the months...so I had to improvise.  The Civil War quilt turned out wonderful and will be a constant reminder of our dear friend Jackie and her generosity!

I took a few photos at the Material Girls...since it is a hand group many were continuing to work on projects I had photographed before...but there were a handful of new projects...so enjoy!

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