Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ah oh!'re in trouble again...

Whenever HH would come home and smell something burning he would say, "ah oh,'re in trouble again!"  Well, this time I am trouble.  I didn't get my BJ's BOM blocks fact I didn't even get into my sewing room yesterday.  I did get my pincushion mailed off to my pinkeep swap buddy,  complete some paperwork,  run some errands and miraculously got HH to go inside of Costco to check out some garage work benches.  I get one "get out of jail card" when it comes to the BOM...but I hate using it so early in the year, sigh.  It is what it is...I have no time to waste on whining about it...besides to day after the BOM meeting I am heading to one of the Fabric Stalkers homes to do a day of stitching...soooo looking forward to being my my stalkers.  

I took photos of the quilts being displayed at the  QuiltWorks First Friday Gallery Event.  Hope you enjoy the variety of quilts!

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