Monday, March 18, 2013

A Little Bit of the Green

So, are you a little green after so much celebrating yesterday?  Val tells me that the most beer is sold on St. Paddy's day.  Although it seems we are the micro-brew capital of the world...neither HH or I are beer drinkers.  We celebrated with Robin and HH made us Midori margaritas...and they are green but we didn't feel green, lol. For some reason yesterday was a "miss my mom" day...not sure why...she wasn't Irish, ROFLOL...but she occasionally had this expression on her face! LOL....I am cracking myself up and I know she is peeing her pants in laughter.

Nancy, one of the Fabric Stalkers sent me this crockpot corned beef recipe and it called for beer.  Lucky for me there was a little bottle left in the fridge from when one of the kids was our fridge is beerless.  The dish turned out delicious and if you want the recipe go to the beef bulletin board on my Pinterest site.

Although my sewing machine has not been touched in weeks I have been plugging along on my hand projects.  I finished block 9 of the Primitive Gatherings 2012 BOW...which is now a BOM on their site.  It does feel good to be making some headway and I also finished tacking down all the binding on the Civil War Quilt.  

We are counting down to the move and I am making a little headway in the packing.  I have started getting a little more cut-throat in what I am packing and what I am purging.  And, the boxes are serving as insulation so the house is staying  Have a wonderful Monday!