Thursday, February 14, 2013


Well...I like to learn from the people who have walked the walk ahead of me and so I have been picking Anne's brain about moving.  She moved in the month of May and started packing her sewing room in January...4 boxes a day.  Yikes, I have a month and a half  and I hadn't packed 1 box!  

I decided to get movin'...looking at this mess I really wonder if some Gremlins have been having a party in here.  I packed 6 boxes yesterday and it still looks like this!  I do believe I have somehow with my expanded quilter's brain created a vortex that holds stuff that only I can see.  Like maybe I need a ghostbuster or rather quiltbuster to bring in the multifaceted quilt capacitor to organized this space!

Who knew that I had so many charm packs?!  With them tucked in nooks and crannies they never revealed their tower of power!

I LOVED this octopus applique project...but...totally forgot where it was...sheesh...Thank goodness we are into Lent.  Although I do not follow the practice of denial...ROFLOL...I am tempted to give up purchasing fabric for Lent...but, then what would I do when Robin takes me to the Material Girls Shop in Redmond tomorrow???  I wouldn't want her to feel bad that I wasn't buying anything...

Happy Valentine's Day!