Friday, February 22, 2013


 I need this necklace!  It is the Quilter's version of the medical alert that when emergency personnel come to resuscitate me and see that I have fabric stuffed in my bra that...I  have a severe fabric problem and will know how to treat me.

Yesterday my brain was on overload with business decisions, I took a 2 hour water exercise class and I continued packing my sewing, what did I do on my break to help with the stress...???

Visit Primitive Gathering site and order stuff.  A frame for a project I haven't even made yet.  Fabric for a project...but, the pattern in already packed!!! And, a pattern that had some sheep on it....what can I say it is a wool thing.

So, if anyone knows where I can order this necklace I need it desperately before I get on the web again...or...if I pass out while shopping...the emergency personnel will need to know where to send the fabric they find stuffed in my bra...