Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Brain of a Labrador Retreiver

I have decided I have the brain of a lab...that goofy running from here to there...the ADHD of the dog world.  I am trying to make a little headway by doing a little packing every day so by the end of March I will be all ready and even more importantly...that I can get some stitching time in until the move.  But...what is occurring is that I start packing a box and then I see something...sometimes it is a shiny something...or a fun button or a bag of scraps and then the packing comes to a halt and I am playing.

I found this bag stuffed with 30's scraps...I think they are so sweet.  But NO WAY and I packing scraps up!!!  NO WAY, NO HOW!  

Then, instead of packing I dragged my GO cutter out and spent the better part of the afternoon cutting Tumbling Blocks!

Aren't they cute!  I fear that I should have started this packing job a long time ago given my ability to see shiny things.

Look at this stitchery I found!!!  Do you see the year??? 2001!!!  My UFO list is jumping by leaps and bounds.  Packing sucks! I am going to make a pillow with this...did you see the cute buttons...oh and there...over there...something shiny!