Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Monday, Monday...how sweet it is!

When you are retired Mondays have no power!  In my life Mondays always brings to mind the Material Girls.  Yesterday was the monthly birthday potluck and off course the desserts tipped the scale...in more ways than one!  

On the way I was stopped at a light on Wall St. and saw this van.  I have no idea what the business is about but loved the logo and the message...Spread The Wool!!!  Which I intend to...since today is Woolie Tuesday at QuiltWorks!

I took some photos of the work in progress at Material Girls...don't you just love this stitchery by Susie!  Enzo who was in attendance totally loved this quilt!

This quilt by Bev is absolutely adorable!

Love, love, love this one by Anne...who is hiding behind it, lol.  

Barb is finishing up some stitching on her groups round robin quilt that was made for her front porch rocking chair...she wants it to be ready for sunshine weather!

a couple of close up of the stitching.

Pris has been working on these grapes for a while but is now to the quilting stage...they looks yummy enough to eat!

Jean says when she doesn't have a project ready to bring to the MG's she brings this one...I love these girls and know that someday they'll be all done!

After water exercise today will be a wool day and that automatically makes it a GREAT day!  Hope yours is also!