Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Boxes

Thank you to the Sisterhood of the Fabric Problem I ordered my necklace!  I am somewhat relieved that now if I collapse in a quilt store that the Paramedics will have my fabric type and instructions engraved on the back!

Enzo and I continued to work on my sewing room.  After each box is packed I carry it downstairs and stack them in the living room.  He is not to happy about this activity.  He doesn't know what is going on but whatever it is...he is not happy about it!

The last box packed yesterday was filled with 4 binders.  Each binder was filled with patterns I have collected over the years.  I definitely am a cup  half full kinda gals...I actually believe I will someday...make all those patterns! LOL  

On the housing front things are really ramping up!  We got our 45 day notice of completion.  The projected completion date is March 29th.  The walk through is scheduled for March 19th and next Wed. I meet the construction foreman at the site to discuss the shelving in the pantry and the window covering  people to get some ideas.  It is almost party time!!!