Monday, February 25, 2013

In Stitches! LOL

It was the once a month meeting of the Kathy Schmitz BOM group at Sew Many Quilts.  The room was packed with energy and it was fun to see where in the process everyone was...and, what little extras each stitcher was adding to her creation.  I am a month ahead...and I have to be because with packing and moving I am in total chaos when it comes to my projects.  It is even a miracle I can find them.

Prepping my project is a piece of cake with the Transfer Eze...but I noticed on the bird stitchery that my stitches weren't quite pretty and my teacher (Linda) says I need to take small stitches...which means it takes longer to complete! DRATS!  My stitching companions kept me in stitches (no pun intended...well maybe I couldn't wait to say it) the conversation was lively and I look forward to next month...hope I'll be able to come.  I am a little worried that once HH is retired (4 more days) that my gallivanting around days will be over and he will be cracking the packing whip.  As you can see I didn't get far because we were talking too much.

I was drooling over the wool and this pattern!!!!  I REALLY want this pattern but my last purchases haven't even arrived yet and besides...I am pretty rested which means I have better control.  Do you find when you are tired that you spend more???

Today, Enzo and I are heading out to Material Girls...always a bang up good time!