Friday, February 15, 2013

Home Sweet Home

So, did you celebrate Valentine's Day???  My sister says it is such a commercial holiday...I know this...but, I am a holiday kinda girl and I celebrate them all in my own way.  I don't think you have to be lavish or go broke.  But, it is nice to have special times.  The last several years HH and I order dinner delivered for a variety of reasons.  #1 you really can't get a good table on Valentine's Day and the view from our home is the best table in town.  #2 HH can't hear so good and most fine restaurants use lots of wood in the floors and ceiling and so the sound just bounces all over the place. #3 I can't cook as good as Tate & Tate!  I know what great meals they create because they have catered a lot of quilting events, quilting retreats and they even catered my oldest son's wedding.  Every Valentines Day they offer a meal delivered to your home.  It is plated on real plates and it comes in this  plastic container.  When you are done with your meal you just put the dirty plates back in the container, set it on your front porch and  they pick it up the next day!!!!!!!!!

There is always enough food for 3 meals...I swear!  starting from the  left bottom corner...a plate of Tandoori Chicken Skewers as an appetizer. Then I ordered Sea Bass with greek olives , sundried tomatoes and garlic.  For HH, Slow Braised Beef Bourguignon, both come with veggies and some kind of starch.  Next Cesar salad, a container of Minestrone Soup, 4 fresh baked wheat rolls and they included 4 deserts!!!  a slice of oreo cookie cake, 2 apple pear crisps and a container of Valentine cookie top it off, 6 chocolate dipped strawberries!  Can you guess what this feast cost...including delivery...$49!!!!!!  If you are local you have got to check out their website, Tate & Tate they will deliver meals for friends who are ill, elderly parents, new mom's and they are an awesome caterer for any event!  All I can say is...Yummm.

Now for Home Sweet Home.  Although I stitched all 12 homes I decided to make mine square because in the new house there really isn't wall space for big quilts.  And besides, we are moving from a city of about 78,000 to a town of  2, everything will be smaller.  I am behind...but, you know how construction hardly ever meets the deadline and  Anne has been a patient cheerleader on this project.  My houses have wool windows and doors...and the vines, berries and stars will all be in wool...once I start stitching.  I give a completion deadline of March 27th which is the deadline for our new house.  

I decided to add "Home Sweet Home" because after all, it will be hanging in the grandson's bedroom and I want them to feel the coziness of home when they visit.