Sunday, February 17, 2013

Garage Sale at Material Girls

Yesterday I worked on my Garage Sale...did I tell you I was having a garage sale???  Well, HH is totally against them...too much work for the result...and besides we are still in Winter.  So, I took Anne's advice to bring my garage sale stuff to the Material Girls. That is what she did before her move and in fact I bought some of her stuff!!! LOL  The Material Girls are a group of quilters who meet each Monday at the Deschutes Historical Museum.  I sent out a group email announcing my garage sale and for every one to bring moola! lol  This group of fabric is either panels or yardage and I am going to group those separately.

These bundles are 2 yards or more in different color ways...not sure even how to begin pricing these???  I also have a box of books and patterns.  I suspect that the Material Girls is going to be fun tomorrow!

When my back needs a break I do game is all I get...see those boxes in the background!

Remember these blocks I made and then gave to Robin because I just couldn't face the "Y" seams.  The blocks were fun to make, the putting them all together was a Bee-otch!!!  So, I gave them to Robin because she is so good about thinking outside the box!

See what she made!!!!!!!  she just whacked those blocks up into squares!!!  Now why couldn't I have thought of that???

Isn't it adorable!

Today I am taking a day off from the packing.  HH and I are going to check out the construction and then I am meeting my "Cuppers."  They are my cup half full friends...ya gotta love the positive! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!