Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year...and the WINNERS are????

I have been pondering my desires for 2013.  I don't know why but I thought I would slow down in 2013 but in fact is proving to be an extraordinarily amazing year.  What I can say is 2013 is our year!  I have been working really hard this last year but 2013 will be a year of adventure.  This is my list so far:

1.  Embrace the budget (which means embracing the stash)
2.  HH will officially retire & turns 60!
3.  Fabric Stalker Quiet River Retreat
4.  Move
5.  Sell current house
6.  Quilt Market
7.  Chicago?
8.  Quilter's Affair & the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show
9.  Buggy Barn Quilt Show
10.  36th Anniversary
11. turn 60 years old!!!
12. Sue Spargo/Tonye Phillip retreat

...and in between all that I plan on making a dent in my UFO pile and do some camping.  Wow, it's not so bad...I thought it would be busier but this year...piece of cake!  I will again try and make my Woolie Command Center a Judgement Free Zone (I had moments this past year where I fell off that wagon). My word for 2012 was "Grace" boy, did I need a lot of that...and, to be reminded of my word.

My word for 2013


I will embrace all that I am blessed with, especially my family & my girlfriends.  I thank all of you for joining me on my year of "Grace" and hope that this year, you will "Embrace" your life and give thanks to what you have created.

The Winner of the bag of Bunny Hill bolt ends is...Cakers!!!!

...and finally the winner of the PineNeedle BOM patterns is...Quilt 'n Queen!

I made a retrospective slide show of some of the interesting people I met, place I went, quilts I finished and overall highlights.  I am putting it at the end because it is long with a few photos from each month so if you decide to sit and watch...get a cup of coffee, lol.

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