Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside...

I could hardly stand it outside for more than a couple of minutes.   It was intermittent fog and sun but the temperature was a nice brisk 10 degrees!!!   And this morning it is 7 degrees, Burrrr!!!  The thing about it...even though it is difficult to enjoy the outside, it is beautiful!

I started out the day in my sewing room, working on Crow Gossip.  This was the view from the window in front of my sewing table.  

I just had to go out and take a closer look at the beauty this type of weather can bring.

You can click on the photos and make them bigger...the frost and ice on this tree was spectacular and in fact a neighbor saw me taking a photo of this tree and said he had already posted it to his Facebook! lol

The cold didn't even phase Enzo...he was spinning cookies in the snow and was so disappointed when I made him come inside! lol

...And so, I am heading into Day 3 of Embracing the Budget and like the freezing cold that can look so beautiful...I think budgeting is hard but, may have a silver lining...sometimes I am so full of hot air! LOL  What about are you feeling on Day 3 of 2013?  At least, we can move on from the Fiscal Cliff news, I hope!  I am heading off to water exercise (indoor pool and heated!) and I will be thinking about the Flicker UFO Intervention (LOL).  We are up to 17 hearty souls who want to encourage each other in tackling that black hole in all our lives.  Remember, YOU get to decide what constitutes a UFO.  For me it is a quilt project that has languished over 6 months  or  a kit I have owned longer than 6 months without starting.  This is your challenge!!! make it fun and make it happen!