Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sabado Tarde & 3 Day Left to Get In On The Give Away!

I used to live on a street called Sabado Tarde in Isla Vista while attending the University of California, Santa Barbara...whenever I say Sabado Tarde I think of lazy afternoons not studying but playing with Ruby, the cat and Beau, the dog...good times, hummm.  Well back to the blog...I finally got some get up and go and uploaded the December Ornament of the Month, before it was January.  It is a perfect ornament to welcome in 2013, hopefully with more Peace.  This bring an end to our free ornament of the month and if you are interested I will leave the link up through January and's gone!

I saw Les Miserable with my besties and it was FANTASTIC!!!  I want to see it again and again...I really need to see it at home so I can do the ugly cry!  You know the one when snot is running out of your nose and your are was so beautiful and so wonderful.  Go see it!

I want to show you the wedding present I made for my youngest son and his wife.  It is a Kathy Schmitz design and I so enjoyed working on this year.

I am showing you the close up again because I wanted to tell you the story of the cat sitting on the stoop.  When I picked the pattern out I thought that I would change the cat to a dog...after all I am a dog person and am allergic to cats....but, something made me keep the cat.  Boy, am I glad I did!  

Because the newlyweds graced me with my first Grandcat, Hank!  Isn't he a cutie!

Only 3 days left for the Christmas Day Give Away!  click on this link, leave a comment and be a registered follower and on New Year's morning you maybe be a winner of one of the two Give Aways!!!!!!!