Saturday, December 8, 2012

Little of This, Little Bit of That...

I was curious how the siding was coming along and so I took a ride out to Sisters.  About half the house is done.  It is a two man job and they are working hard to get it done.  The sun was out but the chill off the mountains was definitely letting you know it was Winter!

I always have to stop by the Sister's Coffee Company for either coffee or tea and loved the gingerbread house they created.

Here is a peek at the project I finished as a wedding gift for my son and his wife Emily.  I wanted to do something different than a wedding quilt and started working on this earlier in the year.  It was actually done by the wedding date but hadn't been framed.  Now, it is in the mail and off to it's new home!  In a week I'll show you the whole thing once it has arrived at their home.

Every year I buy an ornament for HH and I.  Last year was this cute nest which I absolutely love.  HH said he saw an commercial for ornaments and it showed Santa on a motorcycle.  Off to the store I went, turned out to be Santa on a ATV.  That wasn't gonna I bought...

...this one!  Cause we bought ourselves a little camping trailer this year...isn't it adorable!

Well, I have got a lot of stuff to finish before the holiday.  I have already stood in line twice at the post office and only have to mail off  4 more...once I get the quilting done!  It is going to be a busy weekend!  Have a good one!