Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away!!!

I couldn't believe it when I checked my mailbox!  A package from Paulette!  I am not sure if she had special paper or if every package sent out of Canada is wrapped in this special paper...but, it was so festive I waited until HH came home to open it...just to enjoy the package.  Everyone who knows me will tell you I have a hard time taking apart my jelly rolls, charm packs, kits....I like to just savor them.

The card that was enclosed was so cute that I am going to make it into a wall hanging.  I won't have a problem with the buttons since I bought 4 jars full at Holly Hills! LOL

In the package was this beautiful tin.  I have always wished that we had cardinals around here, they are so beautiful.

Look what was inside!!!!  A wool Christmas mouse!  She is so dang cute and looks perfect on my table.  Good thing Lori  is not around!  cute curly tail, a wreath and bow around her neck!  Thank you Paulette!!  you are so sweet!

And now, the Winner!!!!  Jenny who said, "I just received a small packet of Madrona Road Fabrics and this pattern would work up nicely! Oh! Your lovely snow..." send me your mailing address Jenny and congrats!

Today's pattern is by Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs.  Just leave me a comment you are interested and be a registered follower...Enzo is waiting patiently by his dog dish to announce the winner!

Enjoy Carrie, the rest of the world does!