Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away

It's here, Christmas Eve.  This year has been non-stop for me...but, is quiet.  HH is contracted back at work which means he will be working all day...and, it seems so different being this quiet on the day before Christmas.  I think I am going to quilt...on this day before Christmas.

Remember my beautiful Fall tree?

Yesterday, I took a Winter photo of this amazing tree...isn't it beautiful!

Our home is covered with wonderful snow.  We definitely will be having a white Christmas which always makes me happy.  This view from our garage makes our home seem like it is out in the wilderness not the middle of Bend...and speaking of home...

Our new home is coming along.  This is the view from the back side and it really was snowing hard!  The sheet rock is all done and it looks like from the supplies  inside that the drywall will be going up starting this week.

As I dream about my new sewing space, HH is dreaming about his man cave! LOL

Remember my next wool project, Crow Gossip?  The instruction said that Lynda tea dyed her background.  Since I didn't have any black tea I decided to boil it is coffee...more about how this turned out later this week.

Because first we need to know who the Day 10 winner is...2 MuchFun who said, "I have seen a number of Take 5 quilts and liked all of them.  If I win it will give me a chance to make one to admire."  

The day 11 Give Away pattern is one of my favorite!  "Strutter"  I had so much fun making this and know one of you will too!  Just leave me a comment you are interested and be a registered follower.  

Guess what?  Tomorrow is the BIG Christmas Give Away...see you after Santa's visit!