Sunday, November 11, 2012

What A Blabber Mouth...

Oh is a blabbery much to share!  We went over to the construction site and at first it looked the same but then we noticed the windows had arrived and were stacked in the garage.  Then we discovered that the exterior doors were hung, the heat ducting was in and the fireplace insert was...inserted, lol.  We are making progress!

HH is enjoying the view from the front door!

Back home we had a couple of deer bedded down in the yard which meant Enzo had to stay inside and watch.

Hey, can Enzo come out and play????

I spent 2 hours cleaning our bedroom and bathroom, finally unpacking my suitcase (after 12 months) and then having a discussion with HH about the idea of a housekeeper.  Several of my girlfriends use a housekeeping service...and I just couldn't face cleaning the rest of the house. I thought about what everyone said yesterday about their retired honey's and the adjustments.   HH he is good at housekeeping and we could do it we can have more spending money.  Off we went to the store to buy a different mop.  He doesn't like the mop I use.  After a few moments of talkin' mop I realized...what the hey am I arguing with him about a mop...he should pick whatever mop he likes...I hate mopping!  And so we bought the mop of his choosing.  I can't tell you how sexy this photo is to me! LOL

Finally to the blabbing chapter about quilting!  While HH was mopping and scrubbing the stove I cleaned off our dining table which over the last year became my office and laid out my favorite table runner made with gift blocks from the Fabric Stalkers.   You ask, "What's in the basket?"  Well, let me tell you.  Months ago Cakers and I were talking Yo Yo.  What to do with a bunch of Yo Yo's that she was making for a quilt that she decided not to make.  I said, " they would make a cute garland on a Christmas tree!"  and you know retreat she started attaching them together into garland!  and they were freakin' cute!  How was I going to make my own garland?  If I make a yo yo a day by next Christmas I'll have a garland.  To make it convenient I am going to have the squares and the Yo Yo maker on the dining table with needle and tread...hey, that way if a friend stops by and feels the urge to make a Yo Yo..the supplies are right there!!!

Today, more organizing and some Wool!