Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Holiday Lane Pillow Hop! Here is the Woolie Pillow!

It didn't take me a nano second when I joined the blog hop to decide it would be in wool.  That created a different type of brain activity...I decrease the size of the pillow and added some embellishment. Decreasing the size meant less houses which were all hand buttonholed down. I found the snowflake buttons at Holly Hills Quilt Shoppe and now wish I had purchased more!

The challenge was to figure out how to mount the heavy wool piece, create the flange and stuff the pillow???  I decided to pick a piece of flannel and button hole stitch my wool piece to one half of it.  Once done, I folded the piece in half and stitched a 1/4 inch around the edge leaving an opening.

Then I turned it inside out,  stitched around the wool piece by machine and created the flange.  After stuffing the pillow I stitched the  flange section closed by machine and then whipped stitched the outer edge...creating a wonderful pillow!

here are a couple of close ups.  I made the wreath dimensional by just stitching down the center of the leaves and using 3 wooden beads.

My little snowman is holding a valentine for whoever stops by!

Before you start your pillow hop I want to thank Pauline for being the cheerleader!  Madame Samm for organizing and Jill for designing the project!
Have fun with the hop and don't forget that the Woolie Blog has a FREE ornament of the month that can be downloaded!  Everyone Wins!

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