Tuesday, November 13, 2012

That Time Of Year

Before I start my blabbing you have got to check out Sandi's blog post!  She has posted photos of the Houston International Quilt Show.  Absolutely stunning!!!

I think that life keeps us all busy but a certain time of year comes around and we start nesting.  Which means more quilters are showing up for quilt groups.  I love it!  Lots of show 'n tell.  Can you believe I forgot my camera today!  I got a few shots with my phone.  The Material Girls were full of stimulation...as if I need any.  The first 3 slides were made by Sonja.  She takes some interesting classes and the result are some beautiful quilts.

Marilyn finished hand quilting her quilt...I'll get a close up tomorrow when she brings it to Woolies.  I want some close ups of the hand quilting, it's spectacular.

...now she is on to a new project.  Marilyn is one of those rare quilters who works on one project at a time...start to finish, except she will occasionally throw a wool project in between.

Now for those of you who let me know about the missing photo...in fact I left it off on purpose but forgot to delete the text.  I am going to do a future blog about gift giving idea for Christmas that can be done quickly and wonderfully...it will show up then! LOL  Hope your week is filled with quilting!