Thursday, November 15, 2012

Roller Coaster Day

Busy, busy day...LOL  I know you all are saying...all her days are busy! But yesterday was REALLY busy!  I was in line at 0615 to get my tires switched out to the winter ones.  Some people would hate this yearly right of passage for snow dwellers but me...there is something about standing out in the cold as the sun is just starting to wake up and talking to complete strangers who are also waiting in line. I like the experience.

When I got home I decided to catch up on some quilting tasks.  One was piecing the backing for my Hop Scotch quilt.  I found this piece of flannel in my stash...can someone tell me what possessed me to buy this piece???  just enough for the backing, which is cool...but really, WHY did I buy 2.5 yards of this? WOW...quilting is really really crazy making...I must have been shopping with my friend Lori!  When she and I are in a quilt store at the same time we are out of control!!!

A Woolie follower (Cornwoman) won her guild competition for Above Ground Water in the Water, Water Everywhere Challenge!  I always knew there was a connection between us...because...this is her entry...

...and, I made this one a few years ago!  

Today is the reveal for the next two houses in our Homespun Subdivision.  Anne has been so nice about posting our progress.  But time for me to get on the bandwagon and show you how my homespun house construction is going.

Included in the tire changing, the paperwork I had to get done, the construction choices to be made (on the real house), taking the completed wedding project to the framers and choosing a frame...I got my Flu shot and my pertussis booster...I am ready for this winter!
Take care of yourself!