Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lucky Stars

Yesterday was my lucky day!  I started the day having breakfast with 2 friends.  I swear the restaurant was gonna kick us out...a 2 hours breakfast.  Then it was lunch out with 3 other girlfriends.  I am truly blessed to know so many women who are actually fun to be with!  Following lunch it was Woolie time!  What an incredible of those special ones that you carry around in your heart and bring out to look at on the hard days. 

I have to say it has actually turned out to be, not just my lucky day but lucky week!  Our local museum had a rummage sale of donated items last weekend but not everything had sold.  It was piled around the hallway and everything was offered to the Material Girls for half price.  I saw this painting and was immediately drawn to it...thinking that HH would love the mood of the painting and at $10 even if he didn't, the frame would be worth the $10. Turned out he did like it!  Since it was an original painting I decided to Google the artist...Guess What!!!  Turns out she is still painting and her original paintings are now going for  $1600-$1800!!! I love the soft light blue grey of the boat. It is going to look wonderful in HH's office.

Woolies was filled with girls having fun!  Nancy and Lori are going to be known as the Sue Spargo Girls.  They were working on their Sue Spargo projects from a Quilter's Affair class.

Although not wool Marilyn's hand quilted batik quilt is absolutely beautiful.  The big stitch hand quilting is effective and dramatic.

Marilyn finished her "Bob" pillow in reminiscent of her late DH's truck.  Whenever I watch Gunsmoke and see Matt Dillon...I think of Bob.

JoAnn finished stuffing her Santa pillow and it isn't even Thanksgiving!  Some people are just so organized.

Susan is working on her Pennsylvania Dutch table runner.  And she bought some wool to share she got at a thrift is the nice tweedy blue. Thanks Susan!

Look at these tiny little holly berries!

And this is what we call in the Woolie World a beading tutorial...or maybe a bead teacher and her student???

QuiltWorks is filled with wool and new projects so if you're in town stop on by!

Tomorrow I'll have a slide show of some fun quilts made by Crys Kyle who was the featured quilters at QuiltWorks First Friday Event for November and then a group exhibit called the Paint Chip Challenge!  Stop on by!


  1. That painting was a great score. You should be on the Antiques Road Show. What wonderfully crafty friends you have. Very nice to see their accomplishments. And breakfast AND lunch with the girlfriends. You are a lucky girl.

  2. I love seeing your woolie projects...Wish we had a woolie group over here in the valley...

  3. Really nice find and it is a beautiful painting. I have some that I bought from our local art show, when we first got married, guess that makes them antiques, lol.


  4. Lovely find with the painting don't you love find the perfect bargain.

    Great wool inspirations.

  5. Ok...I need to move to your side of the country. Waaaaaaaaaaaayyyy to much fun to be had! :)
    Love that Bob pillow. Too cool!

  6. What a fabulous day you had!! Non-stop fun all day long. Wow!

    I, too, love the painting. It's beautiful, and HH should make sure to check that it's hanging still in his office each morning if I am anywhere near where you live. lol

    Free wool?? What could be better than that?? lol FRIENDS to share it, and the fun with, of course!!