Monday, November 26, 2012

Last week of November????

I came home from Thanksgiving weekend with a little cold.  There is no way to be in contact with so many people without picking up something. HH and I have come to the decision that we can no longer stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel when we visit our son and his family.  There is ZERO air circulation in the rooms (no windows that open) the fan/air circulator couldn't keep a gnat alive and even though Enzo is absolutely allergen free the rooms we stay is are designated pet rooms which means there have been animals in there that are not allergen free.  Both our eyes were itching like crazy.  Won't be a problem in the late Spring, Summer and early Fall because we can haul our camper up and be very comfortable.  We could stay with our son but, I remember what it was like with a busy family, working the night shift and having guests.  We did enjoy every moment except for those at the hotel sleeping.  Since so many of our family members live in the greater Portland area we are going to have to sleuth out another spot.

Don't forget today we start back up with the Pillow blog hop and tomorrow is the Woolie Pillow reveal!!!  just click on the button left of the blog post that says Holiday Lane.  I have been having so much fun looking at the wide variety of pillows that started out with the same basic pattern.

Plus, today begins the Buttermilk Basin Handwork Blog Hop....more handwork!  I can't wait!

After we arrived home I finally picked up the mail that had been piling up down at the box and there was a box from Lancashire, England...which meant my pumpkins had arrived.  One of my favorite blogs is The Quiet Room. I have long admired Wendy's ability to take life by the horns and still create such wonderful home projects.  When you read her posts you will see photos of how beautifully she decorates for the holidays...all of them!  In one of her posts I saw the velvet pumpkin creation and immediately asked if she had a pattern...being the amazing woman she is...she sent me 3 adorable pumpkins and some amazing chocolates! Wendy is about strength, creativity and warmth...all rolled into one fantastic woman!  Thank You Wendy!

It is the last week of November!  I cannot believe it!  I was thinking of decorating for Christmas but decided to put it off so I can hang onto a bit of Fall.  Plus I wanted to leave my velvet pumpkins on the table for a wee bit longer.  December brings lots of activities and I know your calendar probably looks like mine.  I plan on enjoying every moment.  Girlfriend time, quilting potlucks, cookie exchanges, wrapping and shipping surprises and most of all HH, Enzo and I want to relax in the last holiday we will have in this house.  The building is moving along.  All the windows are in, the house is wired and green tagged by the inspector so we are ready for the next phase.  Hope you are enjoying the last week of November!