Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ya Gotta Love A Weekend!

Yes...I am still in love with weekends, mainly because HH is still part of the working force.  If it wasn't for him I wouldn't know what day it was, lol.  We are lucky to live off the most beautiful street in town during the Fall.  The leaves have started their colorful display and I just want to ride back and forth...but my turn off is right where that white truck it pulling out.

Since we had to go check out the construction...the birthday discount from the Stitchin' Post was starting to speak to me.  I have come to a peaceful space with the quilter in my head...(wish she would shut the blankety blank up) right now I am the boss of her and decided that I wanted something new to take to retreat.  Something simple, fun and give me a sense of accomplishment.  Besides, the really great reason about adding another year is getting a bigger discount!  I am not sure I am going to use this pattern because I saw a really cute block on Pinterest and saved it to my Quilt Block board.  

From the outside the house looked the same but in fact the plumbing is completely done and they put in all the showers and tubs!

The temperature is dipping down and the mountains are now covered in snow.  I decide to make some soup.  Pasta Fagoli, it was delish! the recipe is on my Pinterest bulletin board, Soups and Salads.

 and least you think I have not accomplished a thing with all my running around, I am hear to tell you I never travel without hand work!  I saw this drawing on the internet and emailed the artist for permission to do a one time copy for embroidery.  So my Queen Bee traveled to France with me, simple...one design, one spool of thread.  I embellished her with a few beads, found a frame she fit and am ready to hang her up when we move to the new house next year!

Today is Woolie Tuesday!!!