Friday, October 12, 2012

Woolie's & Building a Subdivision

First of all I have to make a confession...mea culpa, mea culpa...bless me father for I have been BAD!   Anne has been so patient in being the moderator of the house quilt online quilting bee...but I haven't been keeping up!  I hated my houses...they looked like they went back to the bank!  What can I say...I had a wedding, a overseas trip, and am a busy busy bee.  But I still feel bad that I wasn't bonded to the quilt and I collected all those homespuns.  Anne asked the group if we wanted to make 2 at a time which sounded better than dragging the pile out each month and building one house.  When I hung them up on the design wall I realized that they didn't look so bad all hung together...just individually.  They actually were starting to look like a nice cozy subdivision.  I decided to dive in an choose all the fabrics, cut them out and see how the color placement was distributed.  Guess what?  I am liking this neighborhood!!!

I continue to celebrate the best month of the year and received these adorable wooden pumpkins from Sandy, she actually made them!!  They are much cuter than the real ones, except for the little one which came from Caker's garden.  Thanks you Sandy!  and Cakers!

The Woolie group was full of fun times!  Sandy designed this crow and then proceeded to make a monthly wool blanket to display on his back!

Nancy was getting on the turkey bandwagon, she'll have this stitched before Thanksgiving!

Marilyn made this sweet pincushion for her sister...and she embellished it with beads.

Nancy finished up this project in no time...I think she had just started it the week before when we met for coffee!  I am going to make this those quick and cute projects.

I had to show you this sample that Jill who teaches at QuiltWorks is one of those Zentagle quilted designs...amazing!

I am flying down to California today...little bit of work, little bit of girlfriends, little bit of the sista...and the Pacific International Quilt Show!