Monday, October 15, 2012

What the heck???

Well I think the universe is letting me know I need to slow down! I came down with the WORST UTI in history! Thank goodness I was with my girlfriend who lives in the area cause she knew where to take me. But in the middle of the night I called the nurse hotline (Robin) and begged her to let me call 911. No way, drink fluids and in the morning go to an urgent care ambulance is going to want to pick you up. It was the worst night ever. Thank goodness it didn't happen until after the quilt show. And praise Jesus Colleen knew where the urgent care was.

After no sleep in 24 hours I arrived in San Francisco for a little work. It was a beautiful day! The 49er's were playing, the Giants and the Nike Marathon.

My sis and I were picked up by her youngest son for some good Korean Food!

I got a ton!!!! Of fabulous photos from the Quilt Show which I will begin on Wednesday.

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