Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Jokes On Me!

I was taking some time catching up on blogland, reading my favorite blogs when I came upon Kathie's blog  Inspired by antique quilts.  I loved the little tumbling quilt she was talking about that day and wrote her how much I would love to make one of those!  She sent me a kit!!! OMG the pieces were so small and so cute.  I set out to put it together...and as I was sewing I thought...hummm I could have swore the one she showed on her blog was a little bigger?...But, I continued to sew, putting an inner border and outer border...I love it!  look at the size of the blocks...yes that is a quarter lying on top!!!

Then I went downstairs and found out I had dropped 3/4 of the blocks on the floor!!! I crack myself I am going to make a couple more little quilts!  I want a wall of small quilts just like her!

Yes, the birthday does continue I must show some more goodies I was blessed with...beautiful napkins stitched by Robin!

...and she found this really cool fabric from Material Girls in Redmond...they do have the coolest fabrics.  I can't take cutting it into little pieces so may make myself an apron...or maybe I'll just frame it! lol

Lori gave me a gift certificate to QuiltWorks which I didn't let stay in my purse more than a nano second...because I have been waiting for this book!

I know the photos are so great but trust is filled with fun things to do and you know I don't have much to do...ROFLOL

Well we are only a day away from PIQF Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California!  I will NOT spend a penny at the vendor mall and be bringing back photos to share!