Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Life is so fascinating and if you keep your head down you miss so much.  I have always been an observer.  I think it is because I grew up in a multicultural family where most of the time I didn't understand the language I became an observer, a reader of the space between the lines.  I know I told you there would be a slide show today but it will have to wait so I can share an experience I had while traveling.   I arrived at SFO to travel back home and I saw a woman who looked familiar but couldn't place her...then I got up to stretch my legs and realized she was Gwen Marston!  

She was traveling to Sisters to share her creativity with a group of quilters.  We talked about the challenges of traveling...the desire to create and how work can interfere in letting the creative juices flow.  And so, we both have a plan for a new life in 2013.   Next year will be the 30th year of the Beaver Island Retreat and it will be the last year that Gwen will be the coordinator. She has created a wonderful experience for quilters who wish to attend her retreat.  Now, she is passing the torch to Sue Nickels and Pat Holly!  What I do know is, it takes time to dream and be creative and Gwen is making sure her business plan includes lots of that!  Me too!