Monday, October 29, 2012

Super Monday!

Wow...I am worried about my blog friend Debbie who is near the Super Storm that arrived today.  Keep all the people on the East Coast in your thought!

Today the Woolie is featured on Patchwork Posse Blog please take the time and head on over! I'm enjoying a cappuccino while blog hopping! Tomorrow I will be posting the October Free Ornament of the sure to come on back!

I had to show you this sweet gift I received from Barb, a MG and Woolie!  When I saw hers I really wanted one but was going to be out of town when the local guild had them for sale.  She gave me one!!!  I love it...such a clever needle case!  Thank you Barb!!!  I love it!!!

 It opens up like a flower!

I spend Sunday in my sewing room!  This is heaven to me...a great quilt to work on, a book on CD and the sweet scent of a wonderful candle!  Do you set the scene for quilting???

Besides working on my house blocks I started packing for retreat!  I changed my mind several time and I know before Thursday I will be changing my mind again...but at least I started getting organized.  I have got a variety of wool projects and cotton pieced projects.  New projects and old projects...and in all this...Enzo was watching me...he is very intuitive.

Have a great Monday...and I hope those of you on the East Coast are high and dry!