Thursday, October 4, 2012

Parsonage Village Vineyard

 When you are traveling with a group of women for 3 weeks you learn a lot of interesting facts about their lives.  There is a level of sharing and support that occurs just because you are all walking the same path.  The assistant to our group leader Jeanne was Mary Ellen, and as time passed I learned she lived a hop, skip and stones throw from mom's house.  And, that she and her husband own a boutique winery in Carmel Valley  called Parsonage Village Vineyard.  You ask, what does this have to do with quilting???  Well...all the labels of their wine are of quilts that she has created!!!

I have plans for a future visit to Mary Ellen's studio...I haven't done a studio tour and slide show in a while!

I continue to be amazed at how small the world is...on the trip Mary Ellen from Carmel Valley tells me her cousin owns a shop in Sisters!!!  What shop???  Common Threads!!! Our favorite clothing store!  So while we were shopping we stopped by and introduced ourselves...Hey Mary Ellen...Rosie says HI!  And, who would have thought I would become a "Wine Club Member!"  but I signed up on their website...maybe we'll see you at a future tasting!

Here is a little bio of Mary Ellen lifted off the Winery site!
Mary Ellen Parsons is a self taught textile artist who began her relationship with quilts in the late 1970's when she became a partner in the Wild Goose Chase Quilt Shop in Pacific Grove, California. She had read a book about quilting and learned more, and quickly, as she taught those who had not yet read the book. Her award-winning quilts have been displayed in many solo and group exhibits. Her work appears in several C&T Publishing books, including Wine Country Quilts.
With her husband Bill Parsons, Mary Ellen owns and operates the Parsonage Village Vineyard and Winery in Carmel Valley. Her studio is located in the midst of this idyllic vineyard setting, where she creates pictorial pieces that are often whimsical and always lighthearted.