Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pacific International Quilt Festival 2012

What can I say...other than the 24 hours of hell and a trip to Urgent Care the trip was one of extraordinary experiences.  The flight down was in a blink of an eye because Marilyn of QuiltWorks was my flight companion and even though it was so early the sun hadn't risen we chatted most of the flight.  I was headed to the Pacific International Quilt Festival and she was headed to Denver.

Then I ran into my college roommate from UC Santa Barbara and she had a quilt juried into the show!  

North by Northwest...absolutely stunning!  I stood by the quilt for a while saying in a slight loud voice to my sister..."and this quilt was made by my college roommate, talented artist isn't she." or "I knew this artist back when she was sewing her own outfits." or  "she showed such talent at such an early age."

by evening I was blessed to meet up with some of the Patchwork Europa gang.  It was fun chatting and drinking wine with the knowledge that we didn't have to be in the lobby by 7:45 am!  This time we could sleep in, lol.  Everyone was enjoying the vendor mall...and the show!

And now for the slide show.  I have to tell you upfront that I took a lot of photos so the slide shows will be spread out over the next few days so as to not decrease blood flow to your derriere...that's buttocks for those of you that don't speak French.  And today's is a combination of vendor mall and quilt show.  I included websites where I knew them, I'd appreciate if you do visit them and order something...let them know you saw it on the Woolie.  Thank you...and enjoy!  

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