Friday, October 5, 2012

For The Joy Of It!

I had decided to attend the embroidery group at Sew Many Quilts which meets twice a month because I have so many embroidery projects and thought it may be a way to trim down the UFO pile. I was feeling kinda good about it...thinking that ahhhh, this must be what retirement feels like...decide to go to a group and then you just go.  But two events sent me into a tail spin. 

First, I was looking at the Pinterest site and saw a really cute wool the back of my brain I thought...I have that project!!!  In fact I have prepped that project!!!  Did I finish it?  Did I already give it to my DIL???  I remember prepping it last year...or did, I am sure I prepped it.  I went up to my sewing room to look for it along with a project to take to embroidery group.  An hour later I had NOT found the wool project but, I did find the prepped embroidery project.  In fact prepped so long ago that the transfer eze was starting to lift!  Then I spent 20 mintues looking for the pattern.  Found it but have no idea where I put the fabric I purchased to go along with the embroidery.  I felt insane, because in the process of searching I found 10,000 other in what the heck am I doing with all this stuff????  How am I going to EVER finish them...and then, just before I went to bed I remembered where I had put the wool project.  As I related this whole crazy scenario to the embroidery group, Anne of Cotton 'n Wool piped up with, "we do it for the joy of it!"  Oye vey...this is the crazy leading the crazy...

Here is what I have decided to work on at the embroidery group...won't be done for this Halloween but will be hanging in the new place next year!

 Lots of fun stuff  being done!

Marla says hi to all her friends back in Virginia!