Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Pie Goal

This past summer one of the Woolie followers Linda who writes for the home section of our local paper did a piece on Sara, pie baker extraordinaire.  As noted in the article she gave pie making classes in her home.  I immediately emailed her knowing that the first moment I had free for pie making class was problemo.

Now, I have heard from some of you that Pillsbury pie in a box is easy and taste good...that frozen pie crust is just as good...and if you were me, buying a pie off of a stack of pies at Costco worked just fine. BUT, if you were me you would know that once I set my mind onto a goal I pursue it like a junk yard dog on the scent of a trespasser. 

My desire started a few months ago when I made a bulletin board on my Pinterest site called "A Pie Goal."  I remembered that back when I was young as in 4-5 years old, an only child my mom made pies...there was a time where she seemed to be a homemaker...cooked and stuff.  She made awesome pies.  Then she gave up her pie making roll to become an emperor of a small nation...namely our family.  I wanted to recapture that memory...and make one extraordinary pie...and maybe learn enough to make a second one???

Enter Sara who is an incredible teacher and pie maker!

here is my pie in the works

WOW, you naysayers can squawk all you want about Pillsbury tasting just as good...NO WAY!  This crust tastes better than I remember my mom's tasting...which means she was smart to give up baking for being an Emperor!

Of course my classmate Don's wife signed him up for the class (smart woman) and as our day progressed I found out I was not only in the company of a pie genius but also a culinary master!  Don cans all kinds of veggies and meat.  He make bread, cookies,  pizza, caramel corn...on and on and on!  Now he is adding pie to his list!

Of course Sara, Don and I had to take a break...pie making is exhausting! lol and sample some of Sara's pie.  We left class not only with a completely baked pie, but a turnover, a couple of extra slices of Sara's pie, a completely rolled out dough for an additional pie, dough ready to be rolled out, some extra apples and a complete manual compiled by Sara in case we need her help in a midnight pie baking frenzy!  

I think what this experience has taught me is that if we don't take an occasional chance on something new...if we always stay within our comfort can get pretty darn predictable...which translates to boring. 

"Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you."
(the dough making was pretty scary!...and then there was the variety of rolling pins to choose from)