Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vendor Mall #1

What can I say...I checked the  DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel for Mental Disorders) and could not find a listing for Quilters.  In the Psychiatric Science community they are still trying to decide if "hoarder" should be "fabric hoarder" is a long way off from getting insurance support and I am not sure how the medical community would keep track that the money would be used for treatment as opposed to fabric purchases.

As we all have had to deal with the economic bubble in America for a few years it is just in it's uphill swing in Europe.  Of course it seemed to me that quilters are in a perpetual state of denial that in fact, food might be more necessary to survival than fabric.  The first day we could barely move in the vendor mall...and much to my surprise in conversation with one of the vendors I was informed that she was not coming back next year because this year there were less people and less money being made...not worth the trip to set up from England.  So the question begs to be answered were all these people there just drooling or were they buying?  What I do know is that the massive amounts of people was literally sucking the air out of building and although cool outside it was sweating hot inside!  Because of all this quilting humanity on the first day it necessitated a second trip for us on day two...but I will break up the slide shows so you won't lose the feeling in your feet from watching! lol

Over the next several days I will be posting slide shows of sites, quilts, my travel companions and stay tuned!

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