Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sacre Blu!!!!

I am writing this a day ahead because just to let you know how crazy life is for me and Robin...just got a call from Lori (it is Labor Day at 1130) wondering where Robin and I are...well I am starting to pack...Lori says, #$%^  we fly out tomorrow (Tues)...no we fly out (Wed)...no we fly out Tues!!!! &*()(????  And so HH is out hiking in the desert!!!!  I haven't had a shower!!!! and I gotta finish packing!  But I wanted you to know that blogging will be intermittent on the trip but I will post as I can...Au revoir! Now on the to the regular post for today....

Labor Day weekend brought some clear skies which my lungs appreciated.  I have asthma and the smoke is no fun!  I will be leaving on Tuesday for Portland and then to Paris and I wanted one last look at the construction site.  HH and I decided to spend the day together starting with breakfast in Sisters.  It is hard to believe we are going to be looking at this...who needs cable!

At first when we drove up it didn't look like anything had been done since I was here with Anne...but on closer inspection, the 3 piles of dirt are gone, the garage slab had been laid, the water and electrical lines buried and more ducting put in.  And the drain and pipes to the Enzo's bath are in place!  Least you think I am a total Diva...to have a dog bath...it turned out that it wouldn't cost me extra to have the pan and pipes put in the laundry room.  I am installing a shower pan and with Robin's help we are doing the tiling ourselves.  That way when he comes in through the garage into the laundry room I can wash him off before he hits the rest of the house. We play a lot out in the dirt.

The babbling stream sounds so relaxing

HH is standing right where our compact patio is located...pinch me.

After leaving Sisters we headed to Redmond to the Gun Show.  While HH shopped I threw the ball for Enzo in the beautiful sunshine with clean air in my lungs.  Then it was to the Antique Warehouse...HH was looking for something specific so there really wasn't any shopping time. Which means I need to come back...they have added so many new booths!  What did you do over Labor Day weekend???

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