Saturday, September 29, 2012

Patchwork - Europa #2 (+ jibber jabber)

Well today you are going to enjoy another slide show from the Patchwork - Europa.  Quilting as I really came to understand on this trip is an international language.  One of the difference that I noticed was there were more men at the quilt show than you see in the United States.  And, the men were really looking at the quilts...not just dragging along behind their wives.  

Since returning home I have been making the acclimation into my every day life...but...what is an every day life?  I retired at the end of May but am just beginning to feel like I might be retired!!!  I remember reading that in retirement life is cheaper because you are not rewarding yourself for all your hard work.  Well...I went up to my sewing room and when I looked at all the PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) lying around I thought...I need to bring my quilter's brain to the reality that I am retired! LOL

My brain has been in a free float state which means I am thinking about whatever passes my view...from why wood cutting boards are better than plastic why we are so hard on ourselves.  I read an article about how we unlearn creativity.  "Instead of growing into our creativity, we grow out of it."  Fear is the main culprit according to the author of Disciplined Dreaming, A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity."  We are conditioned through years of schooling to strive for the "right" answer. We are punished for making mistakes.  We are rewarded for following rules...which brings me to a conversation I had with a good friend about the one "B" she got in college that she still remembers.  I remember being euphoric when "B's" showed up in my grades! LOL  My mom always shared an Asian proverb...A student in school = C student in life...C student in school = A student in life.  I think this winter I may search for the creativity that was conditioned out of me and see what life brings....

Before I forget, The Jolly Jabber released their Free September patterns.  Never one to pass up on the FREE...check it out.  They usually have sweet quick patterns that could be made up for a spur of the moment quilt. lol

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